Simply put…
we have the experience.

Tank Linings

For the last 45 years of C&P’s 70 year history we have provided ships and other marine structural tanks, potable water utilities, pulp and paper wastewater clarifiers and petrochemical tanks with a multitude of epoxy, polyurea and reinforced vinyl ester linings to over 400 tanks.

Deck & Floor Coatings

Aircraft hangers, helicopter pads, ship decks, bridge decks and marine vehicle and pedestrian traffic decks, hospital and prison floors, have all received sprayed, trowelled or rolled epoxy, urethane, EPDM and pre-paving applications from C&P’s team specialists.

Coating Applications

Review our industrial sector’s served icon for our complete list of 7 sectors that C&P’s experience in asset protection serves with it’s tested and documented quality control, specified surface preparation and application of epoxy, polyurea, urethane, fire retardant, membranes, metalizing, plural component, fibreglass, hot liquid rubber pre-paving, elastomeric and paint industrial coatings.

High Rigging

Worker safety is an area of constant improvement required by all Industrial sectors, due to this, costs to provide workers with safe work access have soared. By providing our client’s complex structures with quality asset protection by the application of industrial coatings C&P’s specialists add further value by reducing work access costs.

Mechanical & Structural Touch Up

Due to C&P’s 45 years of industrial experience with mechanical and structural touch up in new construction and reconstruction of pulp and paper, bridge, marine and petrochemical facilities, C&P has the experience to provide time and material rates, budgets or estimates to access and complete touch up work.

Hazardous Product Abatement

Paint and coating products have evolved as personal safety, coating technology and end user technical requirements have changed. Products that were accepted as common use many years ago may be hazardous or in fact dangerous today. With 70 years of paint and coating history behind them C&P has experienced the changes and responded with proven methods to remove, dispose of or encapsulate old coatings that contain dangerous materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic, asbestos in safe and responsible ways.

Concrete Repair & Restoration

Worker safety, PH, mechanical or chemical adhesion, surface preparation, chemical resistance, process temperature, access, time restraints, structural integrity, traffic conditions, process down time, curing requirements, product selection, containment, tidal restraints, these are just some of the vital considerations that C&P’s experienced team consider when planning concrete asset protection for their clients.