Experienced. Professional. Skilled.
C&P serves Western Canada within the public
& private industrial sectors.

Complex Structures

C&P provides value added innovative methods to access complex structures that often are not considered by other service providers. High rigging and coating of towers, cranes, ship loaders, structural steel and suspended pipe lines are an important responsibility that is taken seriously by us.


C&P has been preserving bridge structures, pedestrian walkways and road decks, in an environmentally responsible manner since 1978.

The quality of our work and job specific quality program was recognized by an award for excellence by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways for C&P’s contribution to the Lions Gate Bridge rebuild project in 2002 under their contracts to American Bridge and Iron and Canron.

Work included high rigging structural touch-ups, wear coarse pedestrian walkways, road deck pre-paving, structural abrasive blasting, containment and abatement, metalizing and coating applications.


Some services that C&P offers to utility providers are coating and lining for potable water tanks, wastewater treatment plants, hydro structures and gas pipelines, always with high quality and expertise.


C&P has provided services to the industrial marine sector since 1977, completing hundreds of private and public sector marine projects. Experience includes confronting the environmental and production concerns of our clients for ships, barges, caissons and foreshore ship loading facilities.

Wheat Pools

C&P has applied over 30,000 gallons of elastomeric, epoxy and urethane coatings, surface preparations, water blasting, concrete crack injection, swing staging and coating applications to wheat pool elevators and ship loaders in Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet alone.

Pulp & Paper

C&P fulfills the corrosion protection requirements of pulp and paper manufacturers in BC. For over 40-years they have faced the challenges of restoring mills from the effects of corrosion, and have specialized in surface preparation and coating of structural steel and concrete in difficult areas.


Petrochemical tanks and refineries are primary assets protected by C&P, fulfilling specifications and schedules with top quality workmanship.